Operating as Chris Rand LLC from his shop in Minneapolis Minnesota, Chris designs and builds custom pieces serving a variety of functions; such as light fixtures, liturgical furnishings, architectural metalwork and display stands for antiquities. "Since childhood, I have been tailoring and building things to better fit my aesthetic and functional needs. It's about improving and appreciating the objects that we choose to occupy our surroundings. It's about individuality and distinction."

In 2000, he graduated with a BFA in Furniture Design from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and promptly teamed up with fellow alumni to begin the studio co-operative called Ivy Arts. "Basically we wanted to continue the MCAD environment and have the metal and woodworking tools to make our furniture and sculpture. It was important to keep up the cadence of learning, living and creating; a rhythm that continues to drive how I see and think."

Chris has been self-employed producing UL listed lights, furnishings and display stands for art and antiquities since 2002. He has freelanced with Crestmark International to design chairs for manufacturing and with Homecrest industries to build protoype seating. Clients have commissioned custom interior lights with multiple variations upon a theme. "Often people are seeking a specific scale or proportion that is not offered by manufacturers. My services include options of scale, material and finish- a custom process. I colaborate with many people to develop solutions to enhancing everyday objects."

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